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Saturday, September 23, 2006

What Have I Done????

I'm nearly in tears with laughter tonight. Jayden, Rowan, Riley and Taylor (this is the 18 year old) have been goofing around here tonight and frankly, I think I must have signed on for a 15 year long slumber party. Here are some of the highlights of our day:

Jayden had a soccer game so when Jayden was in Rowan and Riley sat on my lap near the end of the field and repeated EVERY comment I yelled out towards the girl. It's like having live echos every where you go.

Riley has found one one of those gerbals that plays music when you squeeze it's paw. This particular one plays "I'm Just a Love Machine." She squeezes it, hold it to her ear and talks into it like it's a cell phone. She then wiggles her little booty in time with the music. This one brings me to tears every time.

All three of the youngest girls played "Mama Mia" repeatedly through dinner to see who could get my attention. I didn't catch on to what they were doing for a bit so they found themselves entirely too funny. I suspect I'm going to be enduring their jokes on me for years to come.

As proof these little critters pick up languages fast, Rowan demanded "Mamma come in here" as clear as a bell when she wanted to get out of time out. (Yes, we still have a few of those it seems.)

Rowan JUST slid off the end of the couch head first into the toy box and yelled "uh oh" giggling as she went in.

These girls are just too much fun.

The cats are doing well and even the cranky one comes into the fray to play. The other one is generally in hiding but that's really the norm for her.

Devin is back and school and trying to catch up. She's got an accounting test on Monday so that's her priority right now. We likely won't see her for a few weekends.


Blogger Shelby said...

I had a wonderful time meeting you and the girls in Guat. As I read this I just laughed as I remember how adorable they were in the lounge. It is good to hear they are adjusting well to being home and to their other sisters. We are doing very good here too!

8:03 PM  

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