Guatemalan Sisters

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy February

Hi All,

So a ton has happened since I last posted. However, I still haven't figured out my photo posting problem but it looks like I'll have time now to resolve it without my oldest daughter's help. After 8.5 years with KinderCare/Knowledge Learning Corporation, my position has been eliminated and I've been laid off. As of February 1st, I'm officially looking for a job. In many ways, I'm sad to leave my co-workers and this great group of friends I've made over the past years. I can't say enough good things about so many people.....I will miss you all. I wish the organization and the leadership only the best. Make great things happen. The children you serve and the employees who will look to you for leadership deserve only the best.

In other ways, it's all good. The hours I've worked over the past years have taken their toll on my children and on me. It's time to refocus my life on something other than work. The downside of my work life these past years is that the excessive hours I've worked have taken time away from my youngest three. Those days are past. They will likely be very tired of me very quickly. :) I know my older two are already worried I'm going to start painting rooms. (They're right.) My faith is strong and I know that this path I'm taking has been set for a reason. I simply need to open my eyes, ask good questions, make thoughtful decisions and trust.

I've been interviewing nationally and have decided I must look outside of the Pacific Northwest. It's not my first choice, but there is very limited opportunity at my level in the Portland market. Portland does not have any other corporate headquarters and since I want the top compensation/benefits and HRIS job in a large company, I'll have to take the step and move. My Mom is on board with the decision and has said she'll visit us, so we can do this`.

I was in Dallas TX the week before last and Grand Rapids MI last week. I really liked the locations and jobs with both companies. I am also hoping to make a trip to Charlotte NC in the near future.

Last week's interview trip came with a bout of flu like I haven't had in near memory. The worst part was that it started the day of the interview, came to head on my flight out of Grand Rapids and I seriously thought I was going to die when I got stuck in Houston overnight due to tornado weather, delays and with limited hotel space. I would have likely shared a room with a stranger if they had clean clothes, a bed, 7-up and soda crackers. I was able to find a motel, but I'll spare you the horrible details. I did discover that you could shampoo a t-shirt and pants while still wearing them standing in the shower. Not something I care to repeat in this lifetime.

I am hoping to find a similar job with a large company who has interesting work or challenges ahead. I want to be able to raise the girls in a community that has other Guatemalan adoptees and a Latino community that is active and supportive. Ideally the community would be one flight away from Portland Oregon so my Mom can visit us regularly. Not sure what we'd do without her!

The youngest three are quite excited about the potential for a move. Jayden is torn between a "pool job" (some place warm where we could have a pool) or a "snow job" (some place that regularly gets snow.)

In kid news:

Devin: She is back at school for the 2nd half of her junior year. She had a long holiday break and we enjoyed having her around. She worked in my office for a few weeks as well.

Taylor: My 19 year old "ran away" to Hawaii but came home after a week. We were all very happy to have her change her mind about living in Hawaii for an extended period of time and have enjoyed having her here at home. She has returned to work at Jack in the Box as well.

Jayden: She is looking forward to her 8th birthday in April but can't wait for Valentines Day. She's been busy picking out specific Valentines for each of her friends at school and at KinderCare. She is also doing much better with her reading these days. With extra Mom time, I'm hopeful we'll close some gaps by the end of the school year. She LOVES math and her teacher this year so that has really helped.

Rowan: My little "wild child" is doing well. She does have pink eye right now but even that doesn't seem to phase her. It does mean that she got Mom all to herself today and that was a bit of a bonus I think. She still loves KinderCare but loves Ms. Susanna most of all. Moving would mean no more Ms. Susanna and that would be the hardest part of all.

Riley: Riley started speech therapy this Fall and we have seen some improvements. Now it's a matter of slowing her down a bit on the tough letters (G's, K's, C's) and correcting her a bit. Riley loves Ms. Susanna and Ms. Mary.

We are all following the Guatemalan adoption news with heavy hearts these days. There are still so many children and now many children "stuck" in limbo. I am so thankful to see each child come home, get out of PGN or registered these days. Any movement is good movement but as I write that, I find that even difficult to accept.

And this whole presidential election thing really has my mind baffled. I won't vote for Hillary because I figure if she's willing to accept weak morale character from her own husband, what would she be willing to accept from her cabinet or employees. And Obama, he's like 11 years old when it comes to the world of politics. The Republican offerings aren't exciting me either. I guess I'm going to have a ton of time on my hands to figure out who I should really support. :)