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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sucking at Timeliness

Hello All,

So I really suck at the regular blogging thing. I'm sorry but life after the move has been busy with kids, work, orienting ourselves to the Connecticut and big kids coming and going. I can't believe it's already past Christmas! Here's a quick rundown of our lives here in CT:

Little Kids - Are all doing well here in CT. They love their new school and teachers but miss their KinderCare friends in Vancouver. Jayden had some good friends there and misses them. However, her 3rd grade teacher, Lori Hernandez is stellar. Rowan and Riley are enjoying kindergarten and are torturing classmates and teachers periodically with their twinness. (Seems they do some of that odd twin stuff now and then - feel each others pain, know what the other is thinking, etc.) They have experienced their first big snow here in CT and loved it. Seems our driveway is a perfect ski and sled run for the entire household. I caught them snowboarding with their sleds so I suspect I need to give them real snowboards soon. They're growing fast and it's hard to believe how tall they're getting.

Turns out there is a little boy Rowan and Riley's age named Zeke who is also adopted from Guatemala. I've seen him but have yet to connect with his parents.

Big Kids: Taylor lasted here in CT untill mid-November and has now moved back to Vancouver. She's working at Jack in the Box again and seems to be doing OK. We all miss her and her puppy Jayke. Seems I grew rather attached to Mr. Pee Machine. However, you gotta let them grow up and leave sometime. :) Devin is home for Christmas break and the girls are grabbing as much time as they can with her. Her boyfriend arrives tonight so they are quite excited to see him.

Other Family News: My sister-in-law Julie lost her mother unexpectedly this month so many prayers to her and her family. My Mom is visiting us for the holidays and has come down with one of the colds running through the house. She's having a tough time fighting it and I feel bad she has come all this way only to be sick. :(

General Stuff: My new job is good but the economy definitely sucks. This will make job security tough for everyone and we had to let about 20% of our workforce go this past few weeks. Not great stuff. Our team is strong though and we have some good projects ahead of us for 2009. My thoughts and prayers to everyone as they struggle through the issues this economy is laying before us. Retirees who have lost significant balances of their retirement savings, employees who have lost jobs or are worreid about job loss, non-profits who are drawing in less donations, just about everyone needs hope and prayer these days. Let's hope 2009 and Obama can bring in a new direction.

I will post photos soon but still haven't figured out what's wrong with my main PC. Devin has promised to show me how to post from my laptop before she heads back to school.

Happy holidays to each of you and may 2009 bring you joy and closeness with those you love.



Blogger Shelby said...

I am glad to hear that overall things are going good. I have been wondering how you guys have been doing. Enjoy the snow!!

3:50 PM  
Blogger One Busy Momma said...

So Glad to hear an update!!!!!!!!
Glad you are settling in well... and that things are going well!

Dont forget to keep us in the loop!

9:33 PM  
Blogger Samantha- Mama to Julian said...

i almost gave up checking in! i'm glad to see an update and am so glad you're enjoying ct.

with love, samantha (and baby julian- who isn't such a baby anymore.)

2:12 PM  

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