Guatemalan Sisters

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to pop on and wish everyone a great New Year. I'm having photo posting difficulties but hope to resolve that in the next day or so. When I do, I'll post some photos of my GROWING girls.

The past few months have been busy with holiday activities, playing, work and generally enjoying life. Here's a quick update on each of my girls:

Devin and Taylor: These are my oldest daughters and they are now 21 and 19.5 years old respectively. Devin is busy with college and has a long winter break. She's working during the break and so that keeps her busy as well. She will be my travel partner in about a week and a half to Paris and London so we are both looking forward to that trip. Taylor is on her way to Maui to live and work for a while. It's been very hard to watch her make this decision and she'll head out next week. As her Mom, I'm not very excited about this move but I'm learning she's the kind of person that has to learn about life her own way. Ughh...I have to try very hard to set my controlling nature aside with this child. I'm hoping she finds her way soon. I won't be able to keep up with the gray hair at this rate.

Jayden: She is now 7.5 years old and I can't believe how tall she's getting. She's suddenly grown about 100 inches and is all leg. Yikes! I wasn't quite ready for this one. She's a beautiful girl (I know I'm biased!) and loves 2nd grade. She's lost 5 teeth this fall and is currently missing her two front teeth and a bottom tooth. She tells me she's tired of people asking her if she wants her two front teeth for Christmas! She's growing her hair and her bangs out as well. She loves playing with her little sisters and the three of them know every song and verse on High School Musical II. Seriously....they do. She is planning on moving into Taylor's room when Taylor moves out so I've got some redecorating ahead of me.

Riley: Riley is doing very well and loves KinderCare and her friends there. She and her twin sister Rowan and continued to bond and have more moments of pure silliness between them that only they seem to understand. I still can't understand why we can't go to the mall without the two of them ending up on the floor wrestling and giggling. OK, it's funny once in a while but EVERY TIME we go? Today they played bumper cars with the shoe department employee stools at Nordstroms. Riley started speech therapy this past month because she has some letter sounds that don't quite work yet. G's, K's and C's are the toughest and she's already showing improvement. Having little to eat in her first few years or limited chewing has impacted her tongue and throat muscle development and therefore, her ability to say letters that start with the base of her tongue/top of her throat. Who knew!! This was another reminder of how far she's come. This is the child who coined the phrase "I don't like your face" when she's mad at me.

Rowan: This child is officially my "pill." Seriously, I love this child to death but she has a way of "poking" at her sisters just for the conflict. She's so much like Taylor sometimes it's almost funny. She puts Barbie dolls and other toys in the frige to surprise me and will definitely be my dare devil. I love this girl so much. She's funny, likes to play practical jokes and has a serious side. She loves to read books next to me when I end up working on my laptop or just sit and cuddle.

Funniest Twin Moment in Recent Memory: Rowan and Riley were arguing with each other about something. Riley says to Rowan, "You're ugly!" and Rowan simply rolls her eyes and retorts, "We're twins Riley. I look just like you." (In a very exasperated tone.) Riley comments back, "I don't care, you're still ugly." I did stop laughing long enough to correct the behavior but it was funny.

As I mentioned earlier, Devin and I are traveling to Paris and London in about a week and a half. I am very excited about the trip and time with just Devin. I did invite Taylor but I guess the call of the Hawaiian Islands is greater than another great trek through two European cities with mom. (My older two girls still have nightmares about the long treks through Rome I made them take with me in 2005.)

We've added three new families members to our house. A friend gave the girls hermit crabs for Christmas - without asking me first. They are still a friend so they have been forgiven. Riley's was named Sponge Bob because he had a shell painted like Sponge Bob, Rowan's was the same size and ended up being named "UnBob" and Jayden's is quite large so she's named hers "Big Bob." We lost Sponge Bob to the claws of Big Bob so we replaced him today with "White Bob." (Named after his white shell.) As you can see, there is definitely a naming theme going on.

I have continued to follow the legal news and individual family news relative to Guatemalan adoptions. It's so good to see these children come home. Welcome home Valentina, Vancouver WA needed another Guatemalan princess. Congrats to Ellie and Candy and I hope to hear that your sons are home soon. Many good wishes to Ginger...I have enjoyed keeping up with you and Maya this holiday season. You are all my heros for your frequently and timely blogs. I wish I could keep up with you but the girls, work and the day to day activities of life keep me too busy.

Congrats to my brother Don his engagement to Lisa. Best wishes to Lisa as well and welcome to the family.

I do wish everyone a spectacular New Year. May 2008 bring you much happiness and joy.