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Friday, February 12, 2010

Has It Really Been That Long????

I am ashamed. I am embarrassed. Seriously.....seriously embarrassed. It's been so long since I posted. Of course, this means that life has been busy and I haven't spent too much time. I do have a Facebook page so perhaps that's been part of it. Perhaps it's a work thing.....those of you who know me well know that I enjoy my work so tend to work a lot.

Life is good, though 2009 has definitely brought some changes. We're in CT and enjoying the area. I've mastered the art of snow shoveling and can now do my driveway on my own in about 1.5 hours. OK, so it's a big driveway and it snows here a lot. This winter has been kinder than last year. While the winters are cold and snowy, the spring, summer and falls are beautiful. Stunning I might suggest. We live on about 2 acres of trees and I'm enjoying the area and our space. With a few exceptions, I do find that people are not overly inclusive to new people here. We are making friends but it seems to be hard to get to "know" people.

I'm single again, or single as of last March. The short story is that it was my decision and the right decision for me and my girls.

The girls are all doing well. Devin has finished college (yeah!) and is busy looking for her first full time post college job. She's looking here in CT and back in the NW. Taylor is back in the NW and seems to torture my soul at times. She's doing well though and her baby boy Jayke (dog) is wonderful. The youngest three are doing very well here in CT. Jayden is making friends at school and is doing well in 4th grade. Rowan and Riley are in 1st grade and also doing well. I LOVE the small class sizes and the teachers are very very good.

Life at Chemtura is actually good. My company filed for Chapter 11 protection and my life has been all about bankruptcy since our filing last March. (Perhaps that's why I'm not overly excited about blogging when I finish my work at night?) 12 months after our filing, I have to say that I love our team and the direction our CEO is taking the company. He's good, really really good and that's what we needed. I'm anxious to begin focusing on the stuff I'm good at it and less on bankruptcy and that's happening now.

I miss my Mom, daughter, friends and family back in the NW big time. I am thankful every day for the beautiful girls I have and love our daily adventure.


Blogger Samantha- Mama to Julian said...

Hi Ruth, it's been forever since I've looked at any guatemama blogs (except for aviana) but today happened to link to a blog that had yours in the blogroll and it said you posted 2 weeks ago! I'm so glad to hear that CT has been good for you and that your life is heading in a direction that is good for your soul and your family. Sending love your way. Maybe next time we visit CT we can have a playdate (we may be in guilford next summer.)

All my warmest regards, Samantha

8:24 PM  
Blogger Eryn said...

Hi Ruth! I found your blog googling readoption in WA state :) I live in Vancouver, WA and I saw on an adoption forum that you did it all yourself in clark county. would you mind sharing how you did it? I called the county courthouse and they told my by phone, I needed to hire an attorney. UGH. my email is erynkesler at gmail dot com

1:24 PM  

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